The Wedding Biz – 490 REVISIT LISA VORCE: The Intangible Soul of an Event

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“My proudest moments aren’t only about design. They are about how my clients feel when they see and experience the design.” Listen as Andy and his guest Lisa Vorce discuss Lisa’s love of celebrations, what inspired her to leave corporate America to launch her own business and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Lisa is a world-renowned celebrity event planner, receiving accolades from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Brides, BizBash, and Martha Stewart, to name a few. She planned several events for Kobe Bryant and produced some of the most iconic celebrations, including the weddings of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton and Justin Verlander. Lisa is a speaker and headliner at conferences worldwide, including WPPI, Engage, and DWP.

Lisa shares that the first event she worked at was a birthday party for George Clooney’s mom, how the referrals from the first wedding she planned led her down the destination wedding path, and the process she follows for each client. Lisa also shares the roles each of her treasured team members play in the events they produce.

Listen as Lisa describes an event she did recently, how she helps her clients choose a venue for their wedding and why each client is set up with a website and email address so they can communicate not only with Lisa’s team but so that the team can communicate with the guests that are attending the wedding.

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Time Stamps

[00:18] – Today’s episode is a revisit of Andy’s original conversation with Lisa Vorce!

[01:45] – Lisa shares what she means by wanting to design something that resonates with someone’s soul.

[04:03] – Lisa speaks about her family and the mixed heritage she grew up around.

[05:35] – Was there any place outside Lisa’s family experience where she was exposed to celebrations like she does today?

[07:30] – Lisa speaks about meeting her husband during a blizzard in Colorado.

[08:52] – Lisa shares that one of the first events she worked was for Nina Clooney, George Clooney’s mom.

[09:54] – When Lisa transitioned from the corporate world to open her own company, was it something she thought about or was it impulsive?

[12:00] – Lisa discusses the first wedding she planned and how that was the catalyst for specializing in destination weddings.

[15:28] – Lisa speaks about her process from initial contact with a potential client through the event.

[17:31] – Lisa explains what she focuses on for each event and what role each member of her team plays.

[19:27] – What are some of the most significant stressors Lisa finds that her clients face?

[21:49] – Lisa discusses how she helps her clients decide what venue will work best for them for the destination they choose.

[24:30] – Lisa gives us an example of a wedding she did recently and how they picked the venue, resorts, excursions, and flights.

[28:37] – Why is lighting the first thing that Lisa look at before designing an event?

[31:29] – Lisa speaks about being involved in a couple’s website for their wedding and communicating the necessary information.

[33:27] – Lisa shares that each client has a specific email address linked directly to their company and the communication plan they do with the guests.

[36:06] – Lisa discusses how hard it is to break into designing at a top-level in the event industry.

[38:33]  – How does Lisa suggest that photographers and other creative partners who want to work with her approach her?

[41:18] – Lisa shares about her product line called Lisa Vorce and Zola, a registry for brides.

[42:17] – Lisa speaks about where she sees herself in the next few years.

[43:49] – Andy reveals where Lisa can be found online.



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