The Wedding Biz – 481 REVISIT ROB VAN HELDEN – Perfect Simplicity and Floral Design for Royalty

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Today’s guest believes “that flowers speak for themselves.” Rob Van Helden discusses what he means by “perfect simplicity”; starting a business out of the back of a car with his sister Patrice; how, through word of mouth, they were able to grow; and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz!

Rob is the owner of Rob Van Helden Floral Design Limited out of London. His previous clientele includes Nelson Mandela, Joe Malone, Elton John, the Beckham’s World Cup party, Alfred Dunhill and James Bond film premieres, and Royal weddings and events including Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday.

Rob shares how instrumental props are in the design and setting the theme, and he shares his process when he works with clients. He also speaks about taking his clients to the flower market with him so they can see firsthand what he has in mind for the design and experience their responses. Listen as Rob describes the flower arrangements he designed for his own wedding and some of the biggest challenges he has faced at an event. He shares how he is handling the pandemic personally and professionally and how success to him is simply having happy clients. 

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Time Stamps

[01:01] – Today’s episode is a revisit of Andy’s interview with Rob Van Helden!

[02:46] – Rob shares growing up in a small village in Holland and his journey to where he is now.

[06:09] – Rob speaks about finding out that he had a knack for floral design.

[06:50] – Rob discusses starting a business with his sister Patrice in the back of a car.

[08:49] – What does Rob mean by “perfect simplicity”?

[09:24] – Learn why Rob likes to work with a lot of one type of flower.

[10:29] – Rob discusses why he believes props are instrumental in the design and setting of the theme.

[13:29] – Rob has natural conversations with his clients, sends them a proposal, and takes them on a trip to the flower market to show them what he has in mind.

[16:51] – What are some of the biggest challenges Rob has had during weddings?

[17:50] – Rob describes what he designed for his own wedding in 2007.

[20:27] – Rob shares some Royal weddings and events for which he has designed flowers.

[22:56] – What events has Rob done for Sir Elton John over the years?

[23:48] – Rob discusses how he creates the right display for hotels and their venues.

[24:39] – What does success mean to Rob?

[25:59 – Andy gives us Rob’s contact information.


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