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Andy hopes that you will join him in this insightful conversation with Nora Shields of Rock Paper Coin, a pioneer in wedding industry automation! Listen in as Nora talks about all things automation, explaining how it can save events and wedding pros considerable amounts of time and money while boosting efficiency and reducing mistakes. She recommends starting with calendar automation so clients can easily schedule appointments without email tag, recommending a number of platforms including her favorite, cloudHQ.

Nora goes on to discuss how workflow automation platforms can automate multi-step processes using triggers and conditions. She also advises that even though some luxuries may prefer less automation, platforms like Rock Paper Coin allow automating contracts, invoices, and client communications while boosting sales, and she encourages us that while she completely understands being weary of tech, this is very user-friendly and intuitive.

The implications of intuitive automation in business are ultimately enormous – saving up to a third of time spent on manual tasks while boosting professionalism and sales. Again, although it can absolutely be daunting at first, starting small and giving new tech a chance can yield big rewards. Andy himself even hopes to try out some of these suggestions and see how automation can help simplify and scale his own creative event business.

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Time Stamps

[0:06] – This is a slow time of year, and Andy has done a lot of traveling.

[1:35] – Today’s guest is Nora Sheils of Rock Paper Coin!

[2:55] – Nora explains how automation can help those in the event and wedding industry.

[4:16] – Nora understands reluctance to automate but recommends starting simple.

[6:52] – Nora particularly likes cloudHQ and also recommends 1Password.

[10:11] – Nora argues that transitioning to a password manager app is simple and gradual.

[12:02] – Nora also recommends resources like Honeybook, 17Hats, and Dubsado.

[15:57] – Rock Paper Coin can automate contracts, invoices and client communications.

[18:08] – What are the broader implications of automation in business management?

[19:37] – Learn why Nora recommends automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT.

[22:21] – Many find tech intimidating, but they should take advantage of free trials and demos.

[24:23] – Andy gives out Nora’s contact information.



cloudHQ – Website

1Password – Website

HoneyBook – Website

17hats – Website

Dubsado – Website

Zapier – Website

IFTTT – Website

Find Nora:

Rock Paper Coin – Website
Rock Paper Coin – Our Story
Rock Paper Coin – Tips to Improve Workflow and Time Management for the Self Employed
Rock Paper Coin – Automate Your Business Instant Download
Rock Paper Coin – Instagram Page
Rock Paper Coin – Facebook Page
Rock Paper Coin – App (Use code THEWEDDINGBIZ for one free year!)


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