The Wedding Biz – 401 RYAN HILL: A Uniquely Theatrical Commitment to Creativity and Playing the Long Game

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Ryan Hill, founder and C.E.O. of Apotheosis Events, joins Andy on The Wedding Biz today to talk about his career and his business! Apotheosis Events is a premier event planning firm located out of New York City and produces and designs star-studded premieres including lavish weddings and large Broadway and stage premieres such as Hamilton and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Ryan also handles strategic product launches, elegant galas, over-the-top afterparties, and even intimate personal celebrations. Clients of Ryan’s have included but are not limited to The Rolling Stones, Ambassador Theatre Group, John Hardy, Cher, Sting, Denzel Washington, Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Schumer!

Ryan enthusiastically shares details about his childhood and upbringing, revealing where his love for design and creativity comes from. He discusses his background in theatrical production and how that has impacted how he works with prospective clients and also what he learned from having been an associate producer for Jeffrey Seller and Kevin McCollum! He also highlights having produced the opening night event for Hamilton and how he ended up doing four more opening parties for it, how having been involved in Broadway productions taught him how to run a business, what he likes to do to unwind during free time, how he hopes to grow this year in 2022, and so much more!

It was such a pleasure for Andy to have this wonderful conversation with Ryan, and he hopes that you enjoy listening in! Be sure to visit Ryan’s website and his social media handles, and Andy would also appreciate it if you would share this interview with at least three good friends and/or colleagues who might benefit from and/or enjoy it and also if you would leave a top review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:46] – This episode’s guest is revealed to be Ryan Hill of Apotheosis Events!

[2:13] – Ryan delves into his childhood and how his grandmother inspired his love for design.

[4:25] – Ryan reveals what he looks for in a designing team.

[6:07] – Ryan reflects on what he learned working for Jeffrey Seller and Kevin McCollum.

[8:34] – Ryan asserts that people do their best when they feel comfortable and taken care of.

[10:39] – We learn about Ryan’s general process when meeting with a client.

[13:08] – Ryan details his three-step process with his clients.

[14:27] – Ryan makes a case for the difference between a planner and a great planner.

[15:41] – Ryan walks us through an example of a complex challenge.

[18:00] – Learn about why trucks on load-in day being early can be problematic.

[20:48] – Ryan gives an example of an unexpected challenge and how he overcame it.

[24:30] – Andy and Ryan discuss Ryan having produced Hamilton’s opening night.

[26:46] – We hear what led to Hamilton’s opening night having a fireworks show.

[27:52] – Ryan details the soundtrack that played during the fireworks show.

[31:07] – Ryan reflects on where he learned about how to run a business.

[33:52] – Learn a little about Ryan’s typical workday.

[36:30] – Ryan reveals what he likes to do during downtime.

[37:35] – We discover what Ryan’s goals are for 2022.

[39:10] – Ryan argues that the industry needs more camaraderie and collaboration.

[41:51] – Discover where to find Ryan online.



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