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On this episode of The Wedding Biz, Andy is having a conversation with Christian Oth. Listen as he discusses how he is dealing with the pandemic both personally and professionally, why he charges an upcharge for new contracts and a non-refundable percentage if a client postpones. Christian also shares what he is doing now, including his newest workshops. 

Christian speaks about staying in touch with his clients and working with them to reschedule one-on-one. He talks about adding an upcharge to new contracts to help cover the cost and how he is now running a leaner and meaner company with a strong core team of employees and outsourcing what he can. Christian has also launched a workshop on photography and is looking forward to adding more specialized courses and, eventually, a business course to learn how to run a photography business.

Christian is an internationally renowned photographer. His experience in fashion, photojournalism, portraiture, advertising, and still life combines into an editorial style that makes Christian truly one of a kind. American Photo named him one of the world’s ten best photographers, and his work has appeared in top fashion and wedding publications. 

Listen as Christian shares what he is doing to stay grounded and in shape, since the pandemic began, and how it has affected him personally. Professionally, the pandemic has led to cancellations and postponements. However, he has been able to stay busy with Commercial and Advertising Photography.

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Show Highlights:

[02:51] Welcome back to the show, Christian!

[03:03] Christian speaks about how he uses video when doing calls because it is easier to connect with people.

[05:10] Christian shares that the last major job he did before the world shut down was a wedding in Egypt.

[07:57] Christian discusses leaving New York City for the Hamptons at the beginning of the pandemic.

[10:32] He speaks about returning to the city in April and riding a bike to help stay grounded and in shape.

[13:22] Christian talks about spending a lot of time biking with his son.

[15:29] Christian discusses the postponements and cancellations caused by the pandemic.

[17:45] Advertising photography is something Christian has always done, so he has been able to stay busy.

[19:13] Christian speaks about how he is keeping in contact with his clients as this crisis drags on.

[20:45] Christian discusses adding an upcharge on new contracts and how he pays the photographers on his team.

[22:42] Christian says that he runs his business lean and mean and has created a really strong core team and outsourced the rest.

[24:39] He shares that he has wanted to add workshops for a long time and launched them on October 26th.

[26:55] Christian speaks about what they will cover in the classes and what you need to bring to photoshoots.

[29:11] Next, he will have more specialized courses and then courses on the business side of being a photographer.

[30:31] Christian looks forward to traveling again once this crisis is over.

[31:16] Thank you for being on the show!

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