The Wedding Biz – 398 HUGH HOWSER: Incorporating a Sense of Humor and a Sixth Sense

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Hugh Howser, Director of Creative at H Three Events, joins Andy today to talk about his career as a wedding planner thus far. Hugh is Nashville’s go-to expert for events and weddings for A-list celebrities such as actress Nicole Kidman and country superstars Wynonna, Reba McEntire, Jake Owen, George Strait, Martina McBride, Kenny Rogers, and more. He has been featured across the country on CMT, ABC, People, InStyle, USA Today, and Brides, offering his unique, fun approach as a lifestyle expert with his trademark style and sense of humor.

Hugh reflects a bit on his childhood and some of his earliest memories, such as how his grandmother loved to throw parties and how that affected him. He reveals his initial plans when going to college and how he made the big jump from pharmaceuticals to event planning. He also walks us through the usual process that he has with his clients, sharing that he feels that he has a sixth sense which allows him to envision what someone’s wedding is going to look like after talking with them for only fifteen minutes or so!

He also touches upon challenges that he has had to overcome in the industry, especially with the weather being unpredictable in Tennessee, and how he overcame them, crediting his sense of humor being the key to his success in overcoming them. He also expresses his gratitude toward his business partner Kate Steele for handling the business side of the company, highlighting how their partnership works and how each of their hats aren’t ever exchanged. Hugh even briefly touches upon his side gig as a stand-up comedian!

Andy loves Hugh’s work and had a blast taking some time with Hugh to unpack some of what he does in the industry. He really hopes that you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as he enjoyed conducting it. Be sure to visit Hugh’s website and his social media platforms, and also be sure to share this interview with at least three good friends and/or colleagues who might benefit from and/or enjoy it and to leave a top review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:36] – Andy reveals that this episode’s guest is Hugh Howser.

[1:26] – Hugh discusses how he knows Mark Wright.

[3:18] – Hugh reflects on his grandmother and how she loved to throw parties.

[6:21] – Hugh talks about how his career path switched from pharmaceuticals to event planning.

[8:06] – We learn about Hugh’s general process with his clients.

[9:05] – Hugh highlights what he believes the secret of the business is.

[10:53] – Hugh describes what his favorite kind of wedding is to plan.

[13:44] – Hugh shares with us where he gets his sparks of inspiration.

[16:36] – Andy and Hugh talk about the weddings that Hugh has done for celebrities.

[17:28] – Hugh gives examples of challenges, especially regarding weather, that he has had to overcome.

[20:08] – Hugh expresses gratitude to his business partner Kate Steele for handling the bills.

[20:42] – We learn more about the dynamic that Hugh has with Kate.

[22:11] – Hugh reveals how he started his company.

[25:05] – We discover what the hardest part of Hugh’s job is right now.

[28:07] – Hugh projects toward the future and what’s next on the horizon.

[29:09] – Hugh details his role as a comedian and what his content tends to be.

[31:12] – Andy tells us where we can find Hugh online.



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