The Wedding Biz – 382 EVA CLARK: Anticipating Needs and Evoking Senses

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Eva Clark is the award-winning owner and creative director of Eva Clark Events. She joins Andy in this episode of The Wedding Biz to discuss various aspects of her business and her life. She touches upon her business and how she found her love for weddings and especially travel, her newfound status as a destination planner, and so much more!

Eva Clark Events plans and designs, specializing in luxury destination weddings. Named one of Atlanta’s women of power and influence in 2016 and one of the best planners in America in 2019, Eva is based out of Atlanta. Her weddings have been published in many different wedding publications! She, in fact, even had a wedding that served as the backdrop of a music video of a chart-topping single! (Tune in to find out which one!)

Andy and Eva talk about what sets Eva’s business apart and how Eva does not want what she does to ever be cookie cutter and cliché but rather to be appropriate for the collective personality of each couple. Eva also readily admits to not being a good fit for every couple and describes what an ideal match between a couple and herself looks like. She even digs pretty deep and opens herself up to discuss a devastating personal tragedy from her past that helped her form a new perspective and helped her realize just how important that family is at the end of the day.

Andy is so appreciative of Eva coming onto the show and spending some time with him to chat, and he especially appreciates her willingness to be vulnerable and share so much about herself! Until the next episode of The Wedding Biz, please be sure to share this interview with at least three good friends who might also enjoy it, and leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:39] – Andy announces this episode’s guest as Eva Clark of Eva Clark Events.

[2:22] – Eva discusses her upbringing and where she discovered her love for travel.

[4:42] – Eva reflects on her high school and college years.

[5:45] – We discover how Eva got to a point at which she had her own business.

[8:46] – Eva reveals how she personalizes each and every event for each couple.

[11:08] – Eva says that she is an empathic learner when it comes to her clients.

[12:22] – Eva provides examples of how she anticipates her clients’ needs.

[14:06] – We learn about Eva having had a wedding featured in a major music video.

[17:15] – Eva details what type of client wouldn’t be a good fit for her or her for them.

[19:30] – Andy and Eva agree that declining clients that you don’t vibe with leaves those spaces open for better matches.

[22:44] – Andy and Eva discuss Eva’s desire to broaden her horizons and not work the same venue too many times.

[25:30] – Eva reveals what happens when she encounters a language barrier in another country.

[28:33] – Eva stresses how important it is to have someone with you who can speak the language of the region you’re in.

[29:10] – We hear about an event disaster that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Eva overcame it.

[31:40] – Eva gives us another example of an event that didn’t go as planned.

[34:50] – Eva reveals what happened after finding a large snake at an event.

[37:32] – Eva shares a personal tragedy from her past and explains how it affected her life and her business.

[42:30] – Eva touches upon her additional role as a design consultant.

[43:50] – Andy shares Eva’s contact information with us.

Find Eva:

Eva Clark Events – Website

Ask Eva – Blog

Eva Clark Events – Instagram Page

Eva Clark Events – Twitter Page


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