The Wedding Biz – 381 LAURYN PRATTES: Staying Relevant in a Saturated Market

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Joining Andy today is a good friend of his, Lauryn Prattes of Lauryn Prattes Events. Lauryn is one of the top planners in the country as per Martha Stewart Weddings’ assessment, and she has also been recognized by numerous other publications as being one of the top planners in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Andy is not only a friend of Lauryn’s but has also worked with her and her team, so he can speak to their high level of professionalism, commitment, and creativity!

Lauryn and Andy chat about a vast array of topics in this episode of The Wedding Biz, including how Lauryn got started in this industry and eventually started her own business, how she tends to run her business, how she came to discover her personal style, her usual process with her clients, how she handles destination weddings, her philosophy around pricing, how she went about building an impressive social media following, how she finds a balance between her personal life and her professional life, and so much more!

Andy really enjoyed his conversation with Lauryn in this episode and hopes that you will enjoy tuning in and listening to it! He encourages you to share this interview with three good friends who might also enjoy it. He would also be grateful if you were to leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen to it as it helps people find it!

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Time Stamps

[1:20] – We learn that today’s guest is Lauryn Prattes of Lauryn Prattes Events.

[2:43] – Lauryn reflects on her childhood and how her love for fashion and creativity started.

[4:33] – Lauryn reveals that her internship after college was with the bridal market.

[6:45] – Lauryn talks about her time working with The Bridal Bar.

[8:32] – We discover whether or not going out on her own and starting her own business was scary for Lauryn.

[10:20] – We learn that Lauryn at first worked in retail so that she could afford to turn down potential clients that didn’t mesh with her vision.

[11:44] – Lauryn discusses textures and details and what they mean to her.

[13:52] – Lauryn delineates her procedural process with bringing clients on board.

[16:48] – There are, Lauryn argues, trends in the wedding industry just like there are fashion trends.

[19:29] – Lauryn explains the logistics of planning a destination wedding.

[22:48] – Lauryn talks about language barriers in other countries.

[23:56] – We learn about some of Lauryn’s biggest challenges, such as road closures, and how she overcame them.

[25:45] – Lauryn comments on how she balances the artistic side of what she does with the artistic side of it.

[27:58] – Lauryn enthuses over the importance of social media and what benefits it has for her.

[30:25] – We hear about how Lauryn approaches her pricing strategy.

[32:45] – Lauryn asserts that there is always the possibility of being replaced in her industry which is why relevance is crucial.

[34:24] – Lauryn discloses what her biggest struggle currently is.

[35:35] – Lauryn admits that she has a tough time balancing her business life with her personal life.

[39:16] – Andy reveals where we can find Lauryn online.


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