The Wedding Biz – 379 JACK EZON: Bespoke Travel & A Risk-Taking Entrepreneur

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Andy chats today with Jack Ezon, C.E.O. and managing partner of EMBARK Beyond! EMBARK Beyond is a luxury lifestyle partnership that specializes in bespoke travel experiences, and they have the ability to access royal palaces, private homes, luxury yachts, global landmarks, and so much more! Negotiating hotel, air, and other components related to travel, EMBARK Beyond acts as a full concierge service in order to develop the perfect itinerary!

Jack talks about some of the things that he and his company have been asked to do – some of them being pretty colorful and illegal in certain countries – and reveals where his wanderlust originates. He also reflects on how he started as an attorney in commercial financing but knew that he wanted to be a travel agent, especially since he hated being a lawyer and didn’t like the corporate world.

Jack also discusses failure and having to overcome fear and take measured risks in order to grow, and he enthusiastically touches upon the concept of loyalty and what it means to him in regards to the relationship between his company and his clients. He offers some really touching examples of times that EMBARK Beyond did truly wonderful things for its clients, and he affirms how important it is to him to protect his brand both personally and professionally.

Andy and Jack also have a conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic and crises in general, and Jack reflects on the struggle of having been at the front of a travel company in the midst of a pandemic, revealing how he overcame the crisis and came out stronger than ever. This conversation with Jack Ezon made for such a fun interview for Andy, especially with Jack being so open and willing to discuss just about anything and everything! He encourages you to share this interview with three good friends who might also enjoy it!

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Time Stamps

[0:44] – Today’s interview is with Jack Ezon of EMBARK Beyond.

[2:10] – Jack explains his willingness to do anything as long as it’s legal and ethical.

[3:21] – Jack reveals where his passion for travel comes from.

[5:31] – Jack reflects on how the transition between careers went for him.

[7:27] – We discover how Jack personally dealt with such a major loss of money when he was younger.

[10:25] – Jack talks about 9/11 having ended an opportunity for him but having led to other opportunities.

[11:53] – We learn how and why Jack started EMBARK Beyond.

[13:27] – Jack explains how EMBARK Beyond takes risks and doesn’t fear failure.

[15:23] – Failures, Jack emphasizes, are opportunities to grow.

[16:13] – Jack gives an example of a failure from his past that he overcame and explains how he overcame it.

[20:30] – Jack discusses the standards of his company’s philosophy.

[22:33] – Jack details a specific example of an emotionally meaningful situation that they created for a client.

[24:56] – Jack argues that building loyalty is about connecting to your clients and listening to them.

[26:08] – We hear about further examples of meaningful trips that EMBARK Beyond planned.

[27:52] – The most stressful part of Jack’s job, he reveals, is maintaining his reputation.

[29:08] – We discover how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Jack and EMBARK Beyond.

[31:46] – Jack discusses his favorite travel destination and what excites him most about the future.

[33:58] – Andy reveals where to find Jack online.

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