The Wedding Biz – 364: KRISTY RICE – Soul-Filled Event Stationery and the Joy of Fine Art

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Tune in to this episode of the podcast as Andy interviews Kristy Rice – artist, author, stylist, and founder of Momental Designs. Kristy’s hand-painted events, stationary, and other work has been credited in People Magazine, Good Morning America, Inside Weddings and Brides Magazines, Vanity Fair, Martha Stewart Weddings, along with countless blogs. Kristy’s work has also crossed into fine art and lifestyle markets with licensing and the development of branded product lines for the top arts and crafts stores nationwide.

She is also the author of nine titles (most of which are about watercoloring and finding joy in art), with her tenth title about to be released (and an eleventh one currently being dreamed up!), and we talk about the process of writing books. She also talks about working on Sean Parker’s wedding and Jessica Simpsons’s wedding. We talk about the difficult aspects of what she does, and we also discuss building structure and process within a highly artistic brand, building a team, and licensing branded product lines.

Kristy reveals that her love and passion for art began at a very young age when she was only about six years old and found herself copying Garfield cartoons. She was later the art nerd in school and ended up getting a college degree in Art Education. She shares how Momental Designs ended up being born and where it has progressed over time, and she even digs into how she balances her time between being an artist, an events planner, a writer and illustrator, and a mother! Andy had such a fun time talking to and getting to know Kristy and encourages you to reach out to her and her business online. It would also be helpful if you share the podcast with a few friends and/or family members who might find it interesting as well as leave a good review of the podcast!

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Time Stamps

[0:53] – Andy reveals the guest of this episode of the podcast – artist, author, and stylist Kristy Rice.

[2:32] – Kristy reveals when her passion for art began.

[4:39] – We learn how Kristy made the transition from retail management to events planning.

[6:23] – Kristy talks about making the leap to entrepreneurship.

[8:30] – Kristy describes what her career entails.

[9:14] – Kristy shares how she would describe her personal artwork style.

[10:05] – Kristy walks us through her typical process after first meeting a client.

[12:53] – Kristy talks about sometimes having to guide clients and help them express themselves regarding what they want artistically.

[14:18] – We learn how Kristy’s process of working with clients is an immersive one.

[15:08] – Kristy describes what it was like to help plan Sean Parker’s wedding.

[17:04] – Kristy reflects upon working on Jessica Simpson’s wedding.

[20:16] – We discover what the most difficult aspect of Kristy’s job is.

[22:38] – Kristy reveals how she builds structure around her artistic brand.

[25:21] – Kristy discusses the process of building a team.

[27:18] – We learn how Kristy fell into the licensing aspect of her business.

[29:09] – We discover how to appoint an art rep.

[30:43] – Andy and Kristy enthuse over Kristy’s career as a writer, focusing on her upcoming tenth book.

[32:20] – Kristy details how she finds time to write books on top of everything else that she does.

[34:15] – Kristy discusses how she has done a lot of teaching over time.

[36:00] – Kristy addresses how she balances being a parent while also being an entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of being fully present with her children when she is with them.

[39:04] – Andy shares where online we can find Kristy.

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