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What do you know about Clubhouse? Listen as Andy and his guests, Jen Vazquez and Morgan Childs, discuss the basics of Clubhouse, what it is, why we should care about it and how we can best use it for our businesses, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Jen is a Marketing Strategist specializing in Pinterest and a destination wedding and branding photographer. Morgan founded Moana Events and Bella Destination Events and then created another element by adding Modern Elopement. Morgan has been called the elopement expert by Destination I Do Magazine.

Listen as Jen and Morgan share how they view Clubhouse, the rooms and clubs inside, and more. They also compare Clubhouse to other platforms. And they share how Clubhouse can be used in the event industry to grow businesses. Since there is no DM feature on Clubhouse, you must link it to your Instagram account to get the full benefits of the platform.

Andy, Jen, and Morgan discuss how important your profile on Clubhouse is and share some tips on the best way to create it to reach the most people. A great tip is to use the same profile picture in Clubhouse that you use on Instagram, so when someone clicks over, they can see that they are in the right place.

Jen and Morgan both talk about what they see happening in the future with Clubhouse and invite you to contact them if you would like to find out more about it. They both believe you should get in now, reserve your username, and check out the rooms and clubs that might interest you.

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Show Highlights:

[02:28] Welcome to the show, Jen and Morgan!

[03:21] Jen says that to her Clubhouse is like a podcast live, but you can ask questions.

[04:07] Morgan describes it as an audio app where you can enter a room and participate in conversation with other people.

[06:37] When you come to Clubhouse and first go into the rooms, it can feel a little overwhelming because of the different ways it is being used.

[08:00] Clubhouse sees a weekly average usage of about 6 million people.

[10:35] Andy shares that Clubhouse is now his favorite platform.

[11:46] Jen speaks about what she believes makes Clubhouse different from any other social media platform.

[13:10] Morgan talks about who in the wedding and event industry benefits from using Clubhouse.

[14:10] Jen feels like it’s an “add-on” rather than an “instead of” in-person event, and believes that post-Covid, it will keep growing.

[16:02] How can we in the event industry use Clubhouse to grow our businesses?

[18:56] Jen says to approach it from a building the relationship standpoint and keep it personal and authentic.

[19:55] Morgan shares that Clubhouse does not have any DM features; you have to link it to your Instagram account.

[21:27] Jen discusses the difference between Clubs and Rooms in Clubhouse.

[23:08] Jen shares about the large wedding club she is involved in called The Wedding Pros Club.

[24:16] Morgan started the Elopement Wedding Pro Club.

[24:36] Andy’s club is The Wedding Biz.

[26:26] Jen talks about starting your own club and still being involved with other people’s clubs as well.

[29:35] Morgan discusses the importance of creating your Clubhouse profile and shares some tips on making it more appealing.

[31:45] Andy shares that the first three lines of your profile are what most people see.

[32:29] You can only change your user name once.

[35:05] Another helpful tip is to use your profile image on your Instagram, so when they click, they can tell they are in the right spot.

[35:51] Jen shares what she believes will happen with Clubhouse in the future.

[37:09] Morgan talks about the opportunities she sees in the future for Clubhouse.

[39:54] Jen is hearing a lot of talk by event producers about making Clubhouse an extension of an event for people who can’t get to actual events.

[41:49] Dive in and start by listening in a room that has personal interest for you.

[42:30] Jen invites any and all listeners to contact her or Morgan if you are interested in learning more about Clubhouse.

[43:35] Morgan says to go on and search for Clubs that might interest you.

[46:22] Thank you both for being on the show!


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