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“We’ve all just lived a year of uncertainty.” Listen as Andy, and his roundtable guests Rishi Patel the CEO of HMR Designs, Carrie Goldberg the Travel and Weddings Director at Harper’s Bazaar, Christina Matteucci the Executive Director of David Beahm Destinations, and Augusta Cole primary Planner and Designer with Augusta Cole Weddings and Events discuss what they have learned from going through the Covid pandemic and how it’s changed them personally and with their businesses. They also talk about how they have applied what they’ve learned and what events might look like post-Covid, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Christina shares how the pandemic affected her personally, what she learned from it and how much stronger she feels. Carrie speaks about all that she has learned. Augusta talks about the changes she went through including the relocation of her business, and Rishi discusses the silver linings he found as a product of the pandemic.

Listen as Rishi speaks about what he thinks will be different in events post-pandemic. Christina hopes the pandemic makes people rethink what is important when planning and designing a wedding and that event professionals will give themselves grace instead of perfectionism. Carrie believes that imperfection is the new perfection and the vision will be more authentic to the bride. And Augusta talks about the rules that were broken in 2020 and how the typical functions of an event had to be rewritten.

It looks like things might be more normal around summertime and definitely by the fall. Listen to hear what each guest is looking forward to!

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Show Highlights:

[03:03] Welcome back to the show, Rishi, Carrie, Christina, and Augusta!

[03:40] Christina shares how the pandemic affected her personally and what she has learned from it.

[05:35] Christina, do you feel you are stronger after coming through this event?

[06:30] Carrie speaks about what she has learned from the experience.

[08:31] Augusta discusses what she learned and the changes she went through last year.

[10:26] Rishi talks about the silver linings as a product of the pandemic, the time it gave him back personally, and the toll it took professionally.

[13:37] Empathy, patience, and smarts are three keywords for 2020.

[15:20] Carrie says that creatives thrive in structure and it’s nice to see what happens when creatives are put in a box.

[18:10] Christina talks about getting off the hamster wheel and taking time to reimagine and restructure the experience they are giving to their clients.

[20:03] The pandemic opened a new door for Christina to coach other people in the industry.

[22:32] Rishi shares what he thinks will look different in events post-pandemic.

[23:55] Christina believes that event professionals are perfectionists, and she hopes the pandemic is making people rethink what is important when planning events.

[25:32] Carrie says imperfection is the new perfection and the vision will be more authentic to the bride.

[26:54] Augusta talks about the rules being broken and the typical functions of an event being rewritten.

[29:26] Andy shares that he and his fiance are having a destination wedding where they live in Maryland so people can connect more.

[31:46] Augusta is inspired and ready to get back to normal, but she doesn’t want to forget what she has learned.

[32:19] Carrie is excited to put everything she has learned over the past year into practice.

[32:55] Rishi is wary of saying when getting back to normal will happen, but he is ready to travel again with his family.

[34:11] Christina hasn’t seen her mother in over a year, and she can’t wait to go home and spend tender moments with family.

[36:08] Thank you all for being on the show!

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