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“Music is a force and power tool for our well being.” Valerie Romanoff, founder of Starlight Music, is Andy’s guest on the show today. Valerie was on episode 24 of The Wedding Biz back in October 2017 and has had quite a pivot since. So, Andy wanted to have her on the show to catch up and find out what she has been doing. 

Listen as Valerie shares why she uses the terms “still,” “chill,” and “thrill” when discussing the different segments of life, how the vibrations of music can shift energy, and what she does that is so unique and different when putting on a performance. Valerie also talks about having performers who do more than just show up; performers who are aware and more intentional about their performance.

Valerie discusses what she likes to talk about when she coaches her band leaders and why to her every moment, every night is different, and it’s not just a show; it’s an interactive collaboration with everyone who is there. Valerie believes a home run when you have everyone on the dance floor and in a certain state of mind.

Valerie believes we should all look at the gifts this time off has given us instead of focusing on the negatives. She discusses events’ potential to have more meaning and awareness once people can get out and enjoy them again, and where she thinks the industry will go once this pandemic is over.

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Show Highlights:

[01:45] Welcome back to the show, Valerie!

[02:35] Valerie shares the pivot she has had in her business.

[03:31] “Parties are like a microcosm of life.”

[05:17] Valerie discusses how she believes the vibrations of music can shift energy.

[08:02] What are you doing that is so unique and different when putting on a performance?

[11:04] Valerie speaks about having the band show up and be more aware and intentional.

[13:46] Valerie discusses what she likes to talk about when coaching band leaders.

[14:31] “Every moment and every night is different because it’s not just a show, it’s an interactive collaboration with everyone that is there.”

[18:31] Valerie speaks about event professionals and how their identities are so wrapped up in what they do.

[19:53] Valerie believes we should all be looking at the gifts during time.

[21:15] Valerie talks about having time to collaborate with friends and the creative ways you can be creative.

[22:47] Valerie discusses the potential of events having more meaning because of increased awareness.

[24:39] Where do you think parties will go once we are out of this pandemic?

[26:29] Why being able to play outside moved Valerie to tears.

[27:23] Thank you for listening to the show!

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