The Wedding Biz – 331: PHIL VAN NOSTRAND discusses JOSH SPIEGEL – Using Social Media to Create Business During the Pandemic

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Andy welcomes Phil Van Nostrand back to The Next Level. Phil is based out of New York and Los Angeles. Phil photographs weddings, commercial, and lifestyle projects and is an expert at capturing bright cinematic lifestyle imagery. Listen as they discuss Josh Spiegel, the Creative Director and President of Birch Event Design, a high-end decor, production, and floral company. 

Phil speaks about a support group of industry professionals that Josh is a part of during the shutdown and how he himself created his own network of people to reach out to. Phil also talks about the challenge Josh had to create something different for each event while planning daily weddings within the same group of individuals.

Phil discusses how Josh used social media to garner business during the pandemic while staying safe by doing smaller events, having the host testing each guest, and social distancing. Phil agrees with Josh that the smaller events will carry over because people see the beauty in creating an experience for their guests and being able to connect on a deeper level.

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Show Highlights:

  • [01:12] Welcome back to the show, Phil!
  • [02:08] Phil shares that he has traveled at least once a month since the pandemic.
  • [04:59] Phil discusses the support group that Josh is a part of that has helped him stay connected and grounded during the pandemic.
  • [05:49] Phil says that he created his own support network during the shutdown.
  • [07:04] Phil speaks about the challenge Josh had to make each wedding different when working with the same group of people for every event.
  • [09:35] Phil discusses the events that Josh got from social media during the pandemic.
  • [11:35] Phil shares his theory on people’s beliefs.
  • [13:32] Phil agrees with Josh on creating a more special experience when you have smaller events.
  • [15:10] Phil thinks that more intimate weddings are less about showing off and more about the meaning.
  • [15:42] Phil discusses what he thinks the industry will be like post-pandemic.
  • [17:08] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Phil Van Nostrand – Photographer based out of New York and Los Angeles


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