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Our industry will come back in a really good way.” Andy welcomes Tara Guerard back to the show. Listen as they discuss the events she’s designed since the pandemic and how they kept everyone safe. Tara also speaks about what she had done to keep busy and how guests will have to show proof of vaccination before they are allowed at her 2021 events, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Tara is the owner of the event planning company called Tara Guerard Soiree, a full-service event planning and design company headquartered in Charleston, SC, with a second office in New York City. Tara has been in several prestigious wedding publications and published two best-selling books, Southern Weddings and Weddings. She has partnered with the luxury eco-friendly Letterpress Studio as well.

Listen as Tara speaks about how her business is structured for sustainability with very little overhead and property investing instead of leasing. Tara talks about how she has her pricing set up and says that she has raised her prices for 2021 because her time is still important and her designs are worth it.

Tara believes that the industry will come back in full force and stresses that it’s important to stay creative and keep those creative juices flowing. She says that staying motivated and inspired is critical to creatives, and using those talents for good by helping others is a great place to start.

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Show Highlights:

[05:58] Welcome back to the show, Tara!

[06:40] Tara discusses the last few events she had before and during the pandemic.

[09:27] Tara speaks about what she has done personally and professionally during COVID.

[10:53] Tara talks about the new bicycle baskets she has designed.

[11:41] Tara says that the first event she has planned in 2021 is in May, and will have her doctor on site, and guests must show proof of vaccination.

[13:42] Has anyone approached you to plan any micro weddings?

[14:36] Tara shares she believes that parties and weddings will come back full force once everyone is vaccinated and the pandemic is under control.

[16:55] Tara discusses how she has her business set up for sustainability.

[19:31] Tara says that she has raised her prices in 2021 and doesn’t think planners should lower their prices.

[20:35] How do you structure your pricing?

[22:09] Tara speaks about her exit strategy and when she plans on retiring.

[23:37] Tara believes creatives should find a way to keep their creative juices flowing, stay motivated and inspired.

[25:17] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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