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Andy has the funny and forthcoming Ron Ben-Israel on the show today. Listen as they discuss the second season for his new show, The Big Bake, and his new venture called RBI Treats. We also talk about how the pandemic has impacted both his business and personal life, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Ron is the Founder of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes. In addition to creating stunning and delectable cakes, he hosted the cooking competition TV show Sweet Genius from 2011 to 2013, and was a judge on Food Network’s Cake Wars. He now has a new television show called The Big Bake on Food Network, Canada.

Listen, as Ron discusses how the pandemic has affected his business and how he has kept himself busy and continued to create. Ron talks about his Instagram (IGTV) show  called Cake Talk and how he believes it helped him exercise his creativity and get back to work. Ron also shares about his television show, the Big Bake, and talks about the judges who are on the show with him.

Have you always wanted to try Ron’s amazing desserts? Ron speaks about RBI Treats, the new retail division of RBI Cakes. He shares how it got started, the challenges of selling online, shipping to customers, and how much fun he had deciding what to sell and how to package it. Check out his website for RBI Treats,, and start taste testing.

Have you heard about the brand new show on The Wedding Biz Network, Stop and Smell the Roses with Preston Bailey? Listen as Preston shares the secrets, tools, and technologies behind his extraordinary ability to create a theatrical environment out of any space. Also, don’t forget about Sean Low’s podcast The Business of Being Creative, where Sean discusses the power of being niched, pricing strategies, metrics of success, and so much more. You can find both shows on The Wedding Biz Network.

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Show Highlights:

[02:07] Welcome back to the show, Ron!

[04:14] Ron shares he is in Toronto getting ready to film his TV show on Food Network, but they had to quarantine first.

[06:25] Ron reveals the concept of the show.

[08:34] Ron talks about who the other judges for the show are.

[10:57] Ron says that a lot of his business expenses have continued during the pandemic, so he is trying to stay out of debt.

[13:34] Ron shares what he has done since the pandemic to keep busy.

[15:20] Going live on Instagram, IGTV, he hosted Cake Talk from his couch.

[19:53] Ron believes that Cake Talk is a way to exercise his creativity and get ready to get back to work.

[21:59] Ron discusses how RBI Treats started.

[24:07] Ron talks about Shopify and how they are taking a stand on what they are allowing on their platform.

[26:31] Ron shares they started on Shopify to sell their retail products and the challenge of getting their product shipped.

[29:19] They ship all over the US and Puerto Rico, go to

[32:30] Ron’s show is The Big Bake, which will be on Food Network Canada.

[34:29] Andy shares a story about Harriet Rose Katz, an acclaimed event planner.

[36:20] Thank you for being on the show!

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