The Wedding Biz – 325: VALERIE GERNHAUSER discusses MATTHEW MYHRUM – Event Visualization & Communicating Design

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Andy welcomes Valerie Gernhauser back to The Next Level. Valerie is the Owner, Planner, and Designer with Sapphire Events working worldwide out of New Orleans. Listen as they discuss Matthew Myhrum’s definition of what he does and the events Valerie has worked on with Matthew, plus much more.

Matthew is the Founder of Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization, where they provide concept renderings, design drawings, and production design services for event professionals. Matthew shares that they essentially communicate design not only for his clients who are event planners and designers but also to be able to sell their concepts to their clients more effectively and help them with their design process in telling a story.

Listen, as Valerie shares that for her, design isn’t just decor; it involves constant innovation, and hiring Matthew allows her to show her clients exactly what the design will look like. Valerie tells a story of a wedding she worked on with Matthew to create a 360-degree presentation with a virtual reality headset and the reaction she got from her clients.

Valerie discusses the small nuances and details that Matthew puts in his presentation and how these elevate the level of reality for the client. Valerie also speaks about the importance of lighting and how it can be manipulated in Matthew’s presentation to create the look that will be achieved with her design. Valerie believes that in time Matthew will figure out how to add taste and smell to his presentations to elevate the client’s experience.

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Show Highlights:

  • [00:56] Welcome back to the show, Valerie!
  • [02:44] Valerie speaks about how Matthew defines what it is he does.
  • [04:30] Valerie shares that design isn’t just decor for her, and it involves constant innovation.
  • [05:25] What percentage of time do you hire someone like Matthew?
  • [06:32] Valerie discusses how she works and how she does nothing unless she is under contract.
  • [08:54] Valerie shares about working with Matthew using a VR headset so the client can visualize the experience.
  • [11:54] Valerie discusses setting up the presentation for the clients.
  • [14:03] Valerie speaks about the things you can design to set the ambiance and how lighting is an integral part.
  • [15:31] Andy shares the details that can be put in these interactive presentations.
  • [16:33] Valerie talks about how Matthew nails the little nuances that elevate the level of reality in his visual presentations.
  • [17:31] Thank you so much for helping today!

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Valerie Gernhauser – Owner, Planner, Designer with Sapphire Events

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