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“Design is about making things either work properly or better and to bring purpose and direction to chaos.” Listen as Andy and his guest Matthew Myhrum discuss his company, what they do, and how he got interested in creative visualization. Matthew also speaks about his background in set and video design for theater and working with Preston Bailey, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Matthew is the Founder of Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization, where they provide concept renderings, design drawings, and production design services for event professionals. Matthew shares that they essentially communicate design not only for his clients who are event planners and designers but also to be able to sell their concepts to their clients more effectively and help them with their design process in telling a story.

Listen, as Matthew, his process from the first meeting with the designer to the actual event, and the benefit designers get from hiring him to do renderings of the events. Matthew believes that everyone should have the ability to take risks creatively, but it’s important to have a way to test that risk properly.

Matthew shares how the technology behind video games allows him to show the same detail, pick and choose backgrounds, add people, and change the lighting on his presentations to understand better what the event will look like. Technology is changing, and Matthew believes that he has to use all the tools available to stay competitive and keep his business growing.

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Show Highlights:

[02:06] Welcome to the show, Matthew!

[02:20] Matthew describes what he does in the most abstract of terms.

[04:14] Matthew discusses training as a set designer and video designer for theater.

[06:42] Matthew speaks about working with Preston Bailey and what he learned.

[08:25] “Design is the point at which order and chaos sit down and have a cup of coffee.”

[11:19] Matthew believes that there needs to be as many people as possible with the intent to figure out how something can be different and better.

[12:15] Matthew describes his process from the first meeting with a designer to the final product.

[14:01] When it comes down to logistics, Matthew is there asking for all the puzzle pieces so he can assemble them.

[17:30] Matthew shares the designer’s benefit for him to show them what their idea looks like.

[21:03] Matthew believes that everyone should be able to take creative risks, but you should also have a way to test that creative risk properly.

[22:22] What kind of immersive element can you show with your renderings?

[25:20] Matthew discusses how lighting can create a moment of magic during an event.

[27:58] Matthew shares about the virtual concerts, virtual and extended reality worlds Fortnite has created.

[30:50] Matthew speaks about the Unreal Engine by the creators of Fortnite.

[32:20] Matthew explains how this technology is helping him when he presents to clients.

[35:29] Being able, in a rendering, to switch things around in the space is much more visually intuitive.

[39:48] Matthew talks about how the things that are possible in a video game are now possible to do with presentations.

[42:33] Matthew believes that technology is always changing, and it’s necessary to know how to use these tools to stay competitive.

[44:25] Always think more about the experience you want to create, not about how you go about getting it.

[45:19] Thank you for being on the show!

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