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“I love creating an amazing soundtrack for a ceremony.” Listen as Andy and his guest Marianne Bennett, the Founder, and CEO of Element Music, a very successful music and entertainment company in the event industry out of New York City, discusses why she believes that music should be scored to tell a story, how someone at the top of the industry handles her business and brings creativity to what she does plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Marianne shares how she gets to know her clients and discovers the music that makes them feel something. She says that knowing a client’s favorite songs isn’t enough; you need to know how they want to feel during the event. Marianne also takes us through her interview process when she meets clients for the first time to determine their relationship with music.

Listen, as Marianne discusses why she believes that music should score a ceremony, as well as other segments of the celebration, and tell the story of the couple at their wedding. The decor, along with the music, set the tone for an event and make the experience special for the guests from the minute they walk in the door. Marianne also describes what she thinks is the hardest part of what she does overall.

Marianne believes it is possible to love the business side and still be an amazing creative. To balance both, you need to learn to look at business creatively and marry the two together because you can’t be a successful creative if you don’t make sure business is being taken care of.

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Show Highlights:

[02:55] Welcome to the show, Marianne!

[03:25] Marianne shares when she first started writing and creating music.

[05:26] Marianne speaks about being exposed to big names at CBS Records when she was hired as a mail clerk.

[07:00] She was offered an opportunity to work with CBS Records as an artist but turned it down.

[09:54] Marianne gives her definition of producing music.

[12:10] Marianne shares what she learned by working with Hank Lane Music and Starlight Orchestra.

[14:09] It’s not just about the band; it’s about connecting with the audience.

[16:10] Marianne speaks about what she does to get to know her clients.

[18:35] Knowing a client’s favorite songs is not enough; you need to know how they want to feel.

[19:09] Marianne discusses her process when meeting with a client the first time and finding out their relationship with music.

[21:27] Marianne says that when you really understand a person, you can bring them into your creative process.

[23:21] Marianne shares what she has learned during the pandemic and working remotely.

[25:32] Marianne believes that music should score a ceremony.

[27:14] Mariane speaks about what she means by the music should be scored to tell their story.

[28:46] “I love creating an amazing soundtrack for a ceremony.”

[31:16] The important thing to know about music is that you need to choose the music that makes the client feel something.

[32:22] How do you look at the cocktail hour musically?

[34:32] Marianne believes that music and decor set a tone immediately when guests are walking in.

[37:59] How do you handle the music for dinner?

[40:06] Marianne chats about how she produces the music to get people on the dance floor.

[42:55] Marianne says that just because you like to sing a song doesn’t mean it’s great to dance to.

[43:39] What’s the hardest part of what you do overall?

[46:18] Marianne discusses how she balances her creative side with the business side of her company.

[48:42] Marianne believes you can love business and still be a great creative.

[51:31] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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