The Wedding Biz – 314: SEWAR BISHARAT/MY Event Design: Turning Vision Into Reality

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“Majeda’s vision has no boundaries, so why should we as a company?” Listen as Andy and his guests Majeda & Sewar Bisharat with MY Event Design, based in Amman Jordan and working all over the world, discuss Majeda’s passion for fashion and the transition to event design and how Sewar wanted to get experience in the corporate world before she joined her mother’s company plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

MY Event Design is a full-fledged luxury event design, planning, and management company founded by Majeda Bisharat and her two daughters Maysam and Sewar, covering events across the Middle East and Europe. In addition to weddings, engagements, corporate events, and other special events, MY event design has designed and planned events for influential figures in various industries and members of the Royal family.

Listen as Majeda and Sewar discuss why they feel they are a strong team, their roles in the company, and their process from start to finish with their clients. Majeda shares a story about an event she is very proud of and some challenges she has faced at her events.

They also chat about interior design, their entertainment booking agency, and the need for multiple income streams during the pandemic. Majeda and Sewar share how the pandemic has affected them personally and professionally and what they believe the event industry will look like in the coming months. Listen as these amazing women share their insights from Jordan.

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Show Highlights:

[02:21] Welcome to the show, Majeda & Sewar!

[03:41] Majeda discusses going to fashion design school in Italy and putting on fashion shows when she returned to Jordan.

[05:26] Majeda shares how she transitioned from fashion design into event planning and design.

[07:15] Majeda believes that there is a direct correlation between the various fashion weeks, around the world, and event design.

[08:26] She talks about where she finds inspiration for her designs.

[10:49] Sewar discusses growing up in an environment where creativity and art were encouraged.

[11:35] Sewar shares what she learned in the oil and gas industry that has helped her in MY Event Design.

[13:53] She was happy to work in a different industry to gain knowledge and experience before joining her mother’s company.

[15:42] Sewar and Majeda believe they are a strong team also because they each understand a different generation.

[17:00] Sewar, what is your role in the company versus Majeda, and do they overlap?

[20:08] Majeda and Sewar share their process from the client’s first contact through the end of the event.

[22:30] Majeda shares a story about an event she is the proudest of.

[25:34] Majeda discusses some big challenges she has had at her events.

[27:33] They talk about the store they have with luxurious home interior decor.

[30:17] Personalized branding is part of the service with their clients.

[31:14] Majeda shares how the pandemic has affected her professionally and personally.

[32:20] Sewar says that in Jordan the pandemic is getting worse and they are going into another shut down as you listen to this episode.

[33:19] Sewar discusses MY Tablescape, the new service they offer.

[34:10] They have an entertainment booking agency called MY Entertainment.

[36:07] Sewar speaks about what she believes the event industry will look like next year.

[37:19] Majeda thinks that weddings will be smaller because they can control it and talk to everyone.

[39:18] Thank you both for being on the show!

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