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“It isn’t about creating a less than wedding; it’s just about a different format.” Listen as Andy and his guest Morgan Childs discuss her growing up in Kauai, how she got into the event industry, and how to make it through the pandemic and beyond, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Morgan first began by founding Moana Events and Bella Destination Events and then created another element by adding Modern Elopement, for which she is the CEO and Creative Director. Morgan has been called the elopement expert by Destination I Do Magazine and is a planner who started in the elopement brand back in 2015 when she saw a trend for smaller weddings happening, and with COVID, the concept has exploded.

Morgan shares when she started seeing the trend for smaller weddings even before the pandemic, why her clients find them more attractive, and the difference between all the different terms of smaller weddings like micro and tiny weddings. She also speaks about where the focus is on the elopement weddings her company does and what they entail.

Listen as Morgan addresses some planners’ concerns with taking time off their calendars for smaller weddings when they can fill those dates with higher-end, more expensive weddings. Post-COVID Morgan believes these smaller, more personal weddings will continue because mindsets around money have changed, and saving money or buying a house is sometimes more appealing than spending huge amounts of money on an extravagant wedding.

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Show Highlights:

[01:14] Welcome to the show, Morgan!

[01:36] Morgan shares how idyllic it was to grow up in Kauai and how it shaped who she is today.

[03:38] How did you get into the event industry?

[05:36] Morgan discusses moving to NYC and then back to Hawaii and building her wedding and event business.

[06:23] Morgan shared when she noticed people calling and asking for smaller weddings and changing her business model to serve them.

[08:37] Morgan speaks about the reasons she believes smaller weddings are more attractive.

[11:02] Morgan describes the difference between all the different names of smaller weddings, from micro-weddings, mini-wedding, tiny weddings, pop-up weddings, etc.

[13:22] The elopement wedding is what Morgan does; listen as she describes what that means and where the focus is.

[16:04] How do you price these types of weddings out?

[18:40] Morgan discusses the planner’s concerns about taking time from their calendar to do smaller, less expensive weddings.

[20:14] Morgan believes this trend for smaller weddings will continue post-pandemic.

[22:42] Morgan says there is so much beauty in creating smaller experiences for her couples, and they are happier and stress-free.

[24:34] Morgan talks about her subscription membership program for DIY brides planning small weddings.

[26:12] She speaks about the free community she has created and her free masterclass for planners.

[27:33] Morgan shares some final thoughts for the listeners.

[29:55] Morgan believes this trend will continue after the pandemic and that it isn’t a bad thing.

[30:38] Thank you for being on the show!

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