The Wedding Biz – 308 REVISIT: DAVID MONN PART 1 – Aligning the Senses To Create The Ultimate Event

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Join David Monn and Andy as they travel down memory lane to discover the events and steps that led David to develop a unique sense of design in the event industry. Join Andy and David as they travel down memory lane to discover the events and steps that led him to develop a unique sense of design in the event industry. David’s unique ability to align the senses to create the most effective event tapestry is what sets him apart from his fellow planners and designers.

David’s fascinating career trajectory involved finally realizing his calling was in event planning and design. His use of authenticity, scale, and attention to detail along with igniting the senses of smell, sound, and sight have made him an industry leader and one of the most highly sought-after event planners/designers in the world. His goal is to craft an event that shares your true story and personality, not the fantasy that you’ve created for yourself. 

His years in the corporate environment prepared him by giving insights into the mechanics of running a business and putting him in contact with some of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century. Their mentorship and his creativity are the backbones of his business.

Listen in to learn how lighting design defines an event, why packing light and carrying on your luggage is so freeing, and how to leverage your relationships to create a thriving business. David shares valuable and personal insights into the creation of his business, so this conversation is not one you want to miss.

Do you need some tips on handling stress during this crazy year? Andy has put together a list of the top ten tips for dealing with stress, which he has compiled from interviews with icons of the wedding and event industry. If you would like a copy, go to

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Show Highlights:

[02:13] – David and Andy chat about the details of how he creates events while spending time at David’s home.

[05:37] – No matter the size or importance of the event, David works to engage the senses of smell, sound, and sight to imprint the event on the memory of all involved.

[06:21] – Growing up in a large family, in a small town, with a sense of protection and order instilled by his father, heavily impacts his process.

[11:34] – His father refused to take out loans to pay for his education at Parson’s School of Design, so David created a backup plan.

[14:58] – After moving up through the ranks of a garment manufacturing company, he made his way to the New York office of the company as an executive assistant.

[21:08] – David helped a friend decorate her apartment and this led to his next client and his next for interior design, while still working in merchandising.

[24:09] – What did he learn from his mentors Oscar De La Renta and Bill Glass? 

[28:32] – “Light in a space is everything and is why it feels the way it feels.”

[38:32] – How does light design work with outdoor events and the change in natural light? 

[40:32] – David comments on a quote by Thomas Edison about the renewing feeling of being in and working in a garden and the role nature plays in his events.

[43:21] – When everything is in sync there is something magical about the event.

[47:24] – David shares his process for creating each type of event he brings to life through authenticity, scale, and detail.

[57:48] – David has curated several huge events and shares some fascinating stories.

[1:03:50] – The artistic side of the business is probably 20%, the other 80% is running the business, which David learned in his corporate positions.

[1:11:19] – How does David structure his pricing for such individualized events?

[1:14:18] – Learn David’s best tips and advice as well as what he would include in a masterclass.

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