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“An event designer is the equivalent of an interior designer.” Andy’s guest on the show is Joy Proctor of Joy Proctor Design, a full-service design house. Listen as they discuss what led Joy to make that analogy, how her childhood influenced her career path, why she transitioned from a planner to a designer, plus so much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Joy considers herself a wedding designer and stylist and has been named amongst the top wedding planners in the world and a leader in the industry by Harpers Bazaar and Brides. Joy has designed well over 400 weddings worldwide and does photo styling, creative direction, and production for clients, including Bella Belle Shoes, ALTR Created Diamonds, Bel Aire Bridal, Flutter Magazine more. 

Listen, as Joy shares her process of extrapolating the essence of design, her client’s desire in the location they want, and how walking through the venue with the client allows her to visualize her design. Joy also discusses what is included in her thirty to fifty-page design proposal she gives her clients. 

Joy speaks about the work she does with editorial campaigns, her product collaborations, and the Hearts of Flutter Tours she organizes. Joy also gives us some insight into her recent social media posts on social justice movements and why she decided this was the time to get involved. And finally, she talks about she’s handling the effects of the pandemic. 

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Show Highlights:

[02:03] Welcome to the show, Joy!

[02:45] Joy shares some stories from her childhood that influenced the career she has today.

[05:07] Joy discusses why she believes that designing weddings is equivalent to being an interior designer.

[06:56] How did you transition from being known as a planner to having your name recognized as a designer?

[09:48] Joy shares her process of extrapolating the essence of the design, her client’s desire, and the location they want.

[11:15] Verbal communication and walking through the space with the client is huge when Joy is visualizing the design.

[12:15] What does your thirty to fifty-page design proposal include?

[13:35] Joy describes a wedding she designed for a couple in France.

[16:13] Joy shares what the visual for the reception looked like.

[17:35] She speaks about what she looks for when working with creative partners.

[22:10] Joy discusses an over-the-top challenge she had to handle at an event.

[25:23] Joy shares that during this event, rain caused the power to go out.

[28:06] She speaks about the work she does with editorials and campaigns.

[29:46] What is your process for setting up product collaborations?

[31:52] Joy discusses how she goes after the companies she wants to collaborate with.

[33:30] Joy talks about the Hearts of Flutter Tours, curated creative retreats, and intimate bespoke journeys around the world.

[36:06] She speaks about the social justice movements she supports on her social media feed, like Black Lives Matter.

[37:47] Joy started an initiative called Say Their Names Memorial.

[39:09] How are you dealing with the pandemic on a professional and personal level?

[42:51] Thank you for being on the show!

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