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“I think my background in graphic design helps me because I focus a lot on the details of a wedding.” Andy’s guest on the show today is Yara Estephan, a wonderful planner and designer out of Beirut. Listen as they discuss Yara’s early interest in weddings, how she uses her graphic design background in her current work, some great stories about some major over-the-top and high-exposure weddings, and how she is handling the pandemic plus so much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Yara shares her background and a story about planning a fake wedding for her five year old sister, when she was twelve, that guests actually showed up for. Yara believes that her graphic design background helps her when designing weddings because she can show a couple her vision in 3D.

Yara shares her process for planning and designing weddings, and describes some major weddings that she has created. She talks about how she comes up with the amazing designs she is known for and how the pandemic is affecting her business. Yara also speaks about how the small intimate weddings, that are trending, have affected her design concepts.

Yara discusses what she thinks will change in the event industry, once the pandemic is over, and some advice for young planners just starting. She is an eloquent speaker and can bring her designs to life with just her words. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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Show Highlights:

[02:09] Welcome to the show, Yara!

[02:40] Yara shares her background and how she planned her “first wedding” at age 12.

[04:10] Yara went to college for graphic design and then moved into event planning.

[05:37] Yara describes her signature details for weddings she plans.

[06:32] Listen, as Yara talks about creating with 3D wedding renditions and how virtual reality is being used.

[07:19] Yara speaks about her process from start to finish for weddings.

[08:45] She shares a story about a wedding she did for a social media influencer.

[11:02] Yara discusses a wedding she planned for the owners of a major ice cream brand in Lebanon.

[13:09] What are some countries people come from to do destination weddings in Lebanon?

[15:38] Yara shares how she comes up with ideas for the amazing designs she is known for.

[18:31] Listen, as Yara discusses how she is handling the pandemic professionally.

[20:03] How are the required small weddings changing your design concepts?

[20:47] Yara shares how she is adapting to the shutdown and how she is keeping her spirits up.

[23:37] Yara speaks about what she believes will happen in the event industry once the pandemic is over.

[25:08] She is strong on the creative side, and has managed the business side with some college knowledge.

[27:18] What does work-life balance look like for you?

[28:29] Yara shares some tips she would give to young planners that are just starting.

[29:18] Success for Yara is a balance between a good personal life and loving what you do.

[29:49] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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