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Listen, as Andy and his guests, Rime Arodaky and Greg Finck,discuss how the pandemic affected them personally and professionally, what they have been doing with their time and where they see the industry post-pandemic, plus so much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Rime is a popular gown and dress designer out of Paris, and her company is considered a “Bridal House For Rebel Goddesses and inspired by women who are unapologetically themselves.” Greg runs the business side of Rime’s company, as General Manager, and is also a wonderfully gifted and admired photographer. 

Listen as Rime and Greg discuss how their businesses were flourishing before the shutdown and how they have kept communications up with clients during the pandemic.

Rime shares how the three ways she sells her bridal gowns have helped keep her company growing and has allowed them to maintain their twenty employees. 

Rime and Greg both believe that the trend with weddings for the next three to five years will be more understated, with couples pleasing themselves instead of worrying about what others want. They all agree that the shutdown, although painful financially, has been rewarding personally, pushing them to make decisions they have been putting off.

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Show Highlights:

[02:47] Welcome back to the show, Rime and Greg!

[03:21] Rime discusses her reaction to the pandemic shutdown.

[05:18] Greg speaks about how the pandemic affected them personally and professionally.

[07:32] Listen as Rime shares what was happening with her business before the shutdown and the challenge of getting her dresses delivered.

[09:19] Greg discusses the busy season he had scheduled before the shutdown and how his business is down to zero.

[11:33] Greg talks about keeping all of Rime’s twenty employees without furlough.

[13:01] Rime speaks about the three ways they have to sell her gowns.

[16:26] Listen as Rime and Greg discuss what they are doing with their time now.

[18:12] Rime shares that their day-to-day routine has changed little because they need to be there for their team.

[20:09] Rime speaks about having strategy meetings with their team and planning the future.

[21:01] Greg discusses the importance of communication with their team and clients.

[23:10] Andy shares how the pandemic has made him think about what he really wants to do with his life and reevaluate what’s important.

[25:09] Rime talks about what she believes will change in the bridal industry post-pandemic.

[26:40] Greg believes that people are rethinking their weddings and pleasing themselves.

[27:38] Thank you both for being on the show!

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