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Andy has Laurie Arons on the show today to talk about how she is handling the pandemic personally and professionally, some events she has been lucky enough to have, and how she has stayed connected with her clients that rescheduled their events for next year, and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Since founding Laurie Arons Special Events in 1994, Laurie has been featured in numerous magazine publications and was listed in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Martha Stewart Weddings as one of the top planners worldwide. Her clients include noteworthy trendsetters like Vanessa Getty and Christy Turlington, and prominent business moguls like Gary Friedman, Frank Schofield, and Eddie DeBartolo.

Laurie shares some safety measures she has in place for her events, how she has been able to keep all of her team, and how she believes this pandemic will affect the event industry going forward. Listen as Laurie speaks about postponing her Masterclass, rescheduling it for December, and some exciting things that the attendees will experience.

Laurie says that she always tries to find the silver lining during a crisis, and because of COVID, she has done some things that she wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. This is a conversation that you won’t want to miss.

We are all experiencing quite a bit of stress and other issues during this pandemic. Andy has put together a list of the top ten tips for dealing with stress, which he has compiled from interviews with icons of the wedding and event industry. If you would like a copy, go to

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[01:44] Welcome back to the show, Laurie!

[02:19] Laurie shares how she is handling the pandemic personally and professionally.

[04:09] Laurie discusses some events she was able to do.

[07:17] She speaks about doing rapid testing on anyone around the guests during the events.

[08:26] Laurie shares her strategy in connecting with her clients that have been rescheduled.

[10:19] Keeping the connection and the excitement alive for her clients is important to her, so she connects with them twice a month.

[13:19] Listen as Laurie speaks about her employees and how she has kept them on.

[16:49] Laurie believes that people will be more thoughtful after this experience when planning their events, and the safety measures will still be in place.

[20:00] Andy says that when the vaccine is available, he will take it, but many people won’t, so this could still be around for a while.

[21:01] Laurie discusses postponing her Masterclass to December and how they will keep people safe.

[23:05] Laurie shares some things she has learned about herself and done during this pandemic.

[24:08] Thank you for taking the time to be on the show!

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