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“I try always to make sure I design a wedding with the couple in mind and personalize it as much as possible.” Listen as Andy and his guest, Zainab Alsalih, discuss how she designs a wedding, why she transitioned from corporate events into weddings, her process when doing events, and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Zainab is the Founder and Creative Director of Carousel Events out of Dubai, one of the region’s best-known companies for event design. Zainab is also considered one of the 

most respected authorities on weddings in the middle east. She has been covered and quoted in countless regional and international programs and publications in various languages on radio, televisions, print, and online, including Harpers Bazaar, Martha Stewart, and Vogue.

Listen as Zainab shares how she got started in event planning and the transition to weddings. She speaks about how young couples today are leaning toward less traditional weddings and more towards western influences. Zainab also discusses her process from the first time she meets the client until the actual wedding.

“It’s not about how a wedding looks; it’s about how a wedding feels.” Zainab shares why this is the way she views weddings, why less is more is her main mantra, and what the definition of luxury means to her. She shares many details of major weddings she has designed and tells it with color and passion so you can visualize it as if you were there. You don’t want to miss this conversation.

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[01:44] Welcome to the show, Zainab!

[02:15] Zainab shares about the many places she lived as a child.

[05:29] Zainab speaks about her passions and interests as she grew up.

[06:41] She discusses going to business school because her father wanted her to be a banker.

[09:03] Zainab shares that her husband’s idea was that she transition into events because she didn’t enjoy her job at the bank.

[10:42] She speaks about starting out with corporate events and describes the launch party she did for her husband’s company.

[12:39] Listen as Zainab discusses how she transitioned from corporate events into weddings.

[15:05] Zainab speaks about being exposed to many cultures and languages as she grew up, which played well with planning her weddings.

[16:22] Young couples today are leaning toward less traditional weddings and more toward western weddings.

[17:33] What is your process from the first sit down with the client through the wedding itself?

[20:04] Zainab shares where she meets with couples and their families.

[22:07] Zainab describes her signature design, quality over quantity, less is more.

[24:46] “It’s not about how a wedding looks; it’s about how a wedding feels.”

[25:45] Zainab describes a wedding that she planned and designed for a major Nigerian celebrity’s sister.

[28:15] She speaks about the wedding she planned at the Dubai Opera.

[30:15] Zainab gives her definition of luxury when clients ask for a luxurious experience.

[32:20] Zainab discusses a wedding she planned from a client’s picture of their grandparents’ wedding.

[34:07] She shares her experience of being a woman entrepreneur in Dubai.

[35:43] Zainab speaks about why she also spends time in both Italy and Dallas.

[38:23] How has the pandemic affected your business and personal life?

[41:03] Zainab shares starting a new division of Carousel that focuses on interior styling and decorating.

[42:38] She now has time to work on the book she has been writing.

[43:17] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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