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“You must reinvent yourself by expanding your vision and allowing yourself to do new things.” Listen as Andy and his guest David Tutera discuss his last two jobs before the pandemic put a stop to everything, what he’s doing both personally and business-wise during the shutdown, what he’s doing to adjust his business and reinvent himself, and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

David’s uniquely creative talent and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success in the lifestyle arena, including multiple hit TV shows. His client list includes Elton John, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, The Rolling Stones, Kenneth Cole, the Kennedy Center, the official post-Grammy parties, and so much more.

Listen, as David talks about the last event he did before the pandemic, how he is enjoying being home with his husband and kids and taking this downtime to reevaluate, reinvent and take the time to come up with new ideas. David shares what a typical day was like before COVID versus a typical day now and if he will keep some new routines once he can get back to work.

“Lead with personality and emotion” when speaking with potential clients, oversell yourself to impress potential clients. David believes that even though it is tempting, don’t devalue your services by reducing your prices. Stay strong and keep them where they were before the pandemic, your value hasn’t changed so why should your prices.

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[02:13] Welcome to the show, David!

[02:52] David speaks about the last events he did before the pandemic shutdown.

[03:48] David shares that he is enjoying being home with his children.

[04:44] He discusses taking this time to come up with new ideas.

[06:21] David believes that everyone should always reevaluate and reinvent themselves.

[07:19] He discusses launching an immersive mentorship program that allows people to learn in a group or one-on-one.

[09:30] David discusses what a typical day was like before the pandemic and how that’s since changed.

[11:56] Listen, as David talks about where he sees his company going in 2021.

[14:38] David says he’s realized that, after three or four months, he is so tired of talking about COVID. 

[17:41] He believes that now is not the time to drop prices, stand strong with the prices you had before the pandemic.

[18:05] Let clients know why you charge what you do and the value they get for the price.

[19:00] David says to think of your client as a first date and over-sell yourself to impress potential clients.

[20:59] Listen as David shares how his routine has changed and if he will be able to maintain the changes or just jump right back into the fray once the pandemic is over.

[22:48] David speaks about some TV shows he’s done and hopefully new projects to come.

[24:38] Thank you so much for being on the show again!

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