The Wedding Biz – 281: CARRIE GOLDBERG discusses ZAMEER KASSAM, Designing Fine Jewelry and Telling Love Stories

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“Designing jewelry is all about family and connecting emotionally.” Listen as Andy and his guest Carrie Goldberg, the Travel and Weddings Director at Harpers Bazaar, discuss Zameer’s refugee family upbringing, his ability to create an experience when he designs jewelry, how he comes up with ideas for engagement rings and much more on this episode of The Next Level. 

Zameer is the Founder and CEO of Zameer Kassam Fine Jewelry. In 2018, Zameer designed the Times Up ring worn by Ashley Judd at the Oscars and, later that year, the cast of Crazy Rich Asians wore Zameer’s designs at the global premiere in Singapore. Last year, he was commissioned to celebrate the groundbreaking movie, Black Panther, by designing the Wakanda Forever ring worn by its lead actress Lupita Nyong’o throughout the awards season.

Zameer’s passion and enthusiasm for what he does are apparent in the time he puts into his designs. Carrie talks about Zameer’s entrepreneurial spirit, how he can design an engagement ring that is so special between the two people in the relationship, and the jewelry he has designed for celebrities. 

The demand for Zameer’s designs has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. His way of telling a story, with a beautiful piece of jewelry, draws people to him and is what makes his designs the perfect way to capture memories that last a lifetime. Zameer’s approach to design is unique, and the way he tells stories with those designs are one of a kind…you won’t want to miss his story.

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Show Highlights:

  • [01:10] Welcome back to the show, Carrie!
  • [02:03] Carrie believes that the fact that Zameer tried to sell Mickey Mouse watches to his classmates at age 11 or 12 showed an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • [04:12] Carrie speaks about Zameer’s ability to make jewelry an experience.
  • [06:03] Carrie discusses how Zameer takes the idea of an engagement ring and makes it special between the two people in the relationship.
  • [08:24] They discuss the jewelry Zameer has designed for celebrities.
  • [09:27] Carrie speaks about Zameer’s passion and enthusiasm for what he does.
  • [10:28] Carrie talks about the jewelry she has worn that Zameer designed.
  • [12:52] They talk about how Zameer’s business hasn’t slowed down during the pandemic.
  • [14:17] Carrie, thank you for being on the show!

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Carrie Goldberg, Travel and Wedding Director at Harper’s Bazaar

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