The Wedding Biz – 279: MICHAEL RANTISSI discusses PHILIP CARR, Event Architect and Stylist

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The menu for one of Philips events has to be an experience from the food perspective, the fragrance perspective, and total essence of the event. Andy welcomes Michael Rantissi to The Next Level. Michael is an award-winning chef of Kepos Street Kitchen and Kepos & Co out of Redfern, Australia.

Philip is the owner of Philip Carr and Associates out of Sydney, Australia. Philip calls himself an event architect and stylist, completely transforming ordinary spaces into multi-layer theatrical environments, and turns his clients’ fantasies into breathtaking reality. 

Listen as Michael speaks about some events he has worked with Philip, why he believes that Philip is truly an event architect, what it’s like creating a menu for one of Philips events, and how they both strive to create an experience. Michael also shares his insights on why Philip likes to extend the experience as long as possible by providing something special at the end of an event.

Michael and Andy discuss combining the business and creative aspects of a business, how Michael is handling the pandemic, and what he is doing with his downtime. Michael describes his restaurants, the differences, and how they came up with the names. Positivity is key during this global crisis and listening to Michael; you can hear he has it in spades.

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Show Highlights:

  • [00:57] Welcome to the show, Michael!
  • [01:27] Michael speaks to the phrase, Philip sees himself as an “event architect and stylist.”
  • [02:48] Michael shares that when he creates food for an event he, like Philip, is creating an experience.
  • [03:29] Michael describes designing a menu for an event he did with Philip.
  • [05:12] Michael speaks about Philip’s idea of giving the guests something special as they leave the event.
  • [06:48] Listen, as Michael discusses how he combined the creative elements and the business side of his company.
  • [07:58] Michael shares the training he has that allows him to handle the details on both the creative and business sides.
  • [09:50] Michael discusses how he has handled the pandemic and what he is doing while business is slow.
  • [12:35] Michael believes we all must be positive during this pandemic.
  • [14:18] Michael shares the difference between his restaurants.
  • [17:19] Thank you for being on the show!

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Philip Carr

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Michael Rantissi Award-Winning Chef

Michael Rantissi

Kepos Street Catering

Kepos & Co

Kepos Street Kitchen

Facebook | Instagram – @chefmichaelrantissi 

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