The Wedding Biz – 261: NEILLIE BUTLER: Delivering A Bride’s Vision & More!

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“As planners, we need our clients to trust us.” Listen as Andy and his guest Nellie Butler discuss why she says becoming a bride’s friend is the only way she can do an event justice, and getting a bride to trust her makes her job easier. Neillie is the Founder of Mariee Ami, which means ‘a bride’s friend.’ Mariee Ami is a multimillion-dollar wedding and event planning firm in the Southeast, recognized for producing celebrations that reflect a genuine sense of hospitality. Their new lifestyle brand Ami a Vie naturally translates to “a friend for life,” and it’s meant to extend their community beyond their clients by engaging blog content, social media, and a shop of entertaining artisanal essentials. Listen as Neillie shares when she launched her business, how she used blogs about creative content to get her name recognized, and when she started hiring employees. Neillie speaks about her process from start to finish, with a client, and that her personal signature is doing what her clients want no matter what. Neillie discusses why she brought graphic design, lighting, and drapery all under the Mariee Ami umbrella and the benefits she sees from having different revenue streams. She also speaks about social media and why she has an intentional marketing strategy on Instagram.

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Show Highlights:

  • [03:12] Welcome to the show, Neillie!
  • [04:28] Neillie shares what drew her to the event industry.
  • [05:23] How do you think having had cancer affected what you do today?
  • [07:04] Neillie discusses when she started her own event business.
  • [07:57] She started a blog writing about creative things in the event world to get her name recognized.
  • [09:24] When did you first have people working for you?
  • [11:06] Neillie describes her personal signature and how she always did what her clients wanted.
  • [13:14] Neillie shares her process from start to finish with a client.
  • [15:15] All the planners that work at Mariee Ami have come to the company right out of college.
  • [16:35] Why did you bring graphic design, lighting, and drapery all under one roof?
  • [18:38] Neillie speaks about the benefits of having so different revenue streams under one umbrella.
  • [20:51] Neillie shares what her pricing philosophy is and why she uses a percentage-based rate schedule.
  • [22:22] How do you feel about social media?
  • [24:01] Neillie discusses having an intentional marketing strategy on Instagram.
  • [27:25] Nellie chats about what the brand message is and tries to get across to all followers and clients.
  • [30:07] How are you staying relevant in this changing industry? With your clients?
  • [32:48] Neillie shares tips with anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.
  • [35:05] Neillie speaks about the new lifestyle brand, Ami a Vie, having all the elements to bring in to your home and make celebrations more special.
  • [36: 38] Neillie, thank you so much for being on the show!

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The Wedding Biz: Website Instagram Facebook Support The Wedding Biz by clicking here Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by PartySlate – the first website designed specifically for event professionals and venues!   Find Nellie Nellie Butler @mariee_ami Instagram | Pinterest | LinkedIn @marieeamiweddingplanningstudio Facebook Margaret & Clay – Trailer Courtney & Braden – Trailer Rosalind & Peter – Trailer Veranda Article  NY Times Brides Authority

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