The Wedding Biz – 259: MICAELA ERLANGER: Wedding Gowns And Fashion Design During The Pandemic

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“Bridal is inherently timeless.” Listen as Andy and his guest Micaela Erlanger discuss what she means by this and how the pandemic has affected timelines for the production of bridal gowns. Micaela also shares why she believes that designers will see a rise in demand for wedding dresses for the fall and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz. Micaela is a celebrity stylist based out of New York City and Los Angeles. She was named one of the most powerful stylists by the Hollywood Reporter and has sustained the title for five years. Honored with the Style Influencer Award by the Council, Micaela is also a Marie Claire Image Maker Award winner. She has styled Constance Wu, Lupita Nyong’o, Common, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank, to name a few. Listen as Micaela shares the disappointment she felt when she had to postpone her own wedding and how she is supporting the brides she styles with her unique insight. Micaela also discusses the trends she sees emerging during the pandemic and how ready-to-wear collections are getting more popular. Micaela gives some advice for planners around preparing their brides for delays in wedding gowns and to not be afraid of Zoom fittings because, as a stylist to the stars, she was doing them before the pandemic. Micaela also speaks about her Live Instagram series.

Listen to Micaela’s insights into this whole situation that has affected so many brides. She shares the bright side of postponing her wedding. She knows it will happen and it will be just as beautiful as she originally planned, if not better.

Show Highlights:

  • [02:04] Welcome back to the show, Micaela!
  • [02:40] Micaela speaks about having to postpone her own wedding to the spring of 2021.
  • [05:40] How is the pandemic affecting getting your wedding dress made?
  • [06:50] Micaela shares that it has affected the production timelines across the board.
  • [08:13] She speaks about her Instagram Live series called “Engage with Micaela.”
  • [09:28] What are some principal topics that have been coming up during the Instagram Live series?
  • [11:28] Micaela discusses the trends she sees emerging during this pandemic.
  • [13:41] Micaela believes that ready-to-wear collections will get more popular.
  • [16:24] Micaela says women want to feel they are the best version of themselves.
  • [17:43] How has the pandemic changed the way you approach styling brides?
  • [19:45] Micaela speaks about when brides need to get started on their gowns.
  • [20:22] What do you recommend the planners think about when advising their brides regarding their dresses?
  • [22:56] Micaela says, don’t be afraid of a Zoom fitting; it is something that she did many times before the pandemic.
  • [24:03] Is there anything else you would like to share with the listeners?
  • [26:05] Micaela shares how long she believes she will do her Instagram Live series.
  • [27:47] Thank you so much for being on the show again!

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