The Wedding Biz – 142: THE NEXT LEVEL with SEAN LOW Discussing ANDRE WELLS and Fashion-Forward Event Design & Planning

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Welcome to another episode of The Next Level! This week Andy Kushner brings on another industry icon, Sean Low of The Business Of Being Creative, to discuss highlights from last week’s interview with Andre Wells. Andre is a high-end event planner and designer who incorporates his elegance and love for fashion into every event. Andy and Sean tackle topics such as how to break into the industry, how to project professionalism and individualism, and carrying the confidence that attracts clients. To hear more about how you can apply these simple but impactful strategies to your own business tune into this episode of The Next Level!

Show Highlights:

  • Breaking into the industry, for education and networking opportunity, by volunteering for what can later become creative partners
  • Finding ways to educate yourself further
  • Having a hunger to learn and improve
  • Being fashion forward and having a signature style
  • Carrying confidence that projects your brand
  • Using fashion to project an image
  • The implications of being a minority in the industry
  • Having a level of professionalism despite combating biases
  • Letting who you are speak for itself

Links & Resources:

The Wedding Biz Links   The Wedding Biz Website The Wedding Biz Instagram The Wedding Biz Facebook Andre Wells Links Events By Andre Wells Website Instagram: @eventsandrewells Facebook: @eventsbyandrewells Guest Co-Host, Sean Low, Links Website and Instagram @SeanLow1 Sean’s Facebook Twitter  @seanlow The BBC Collective on Facebook SPONSOR LINKS OFD Consulting Kushner Entertainment   

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