The Wedding Biz – 138: THE NEXT LEVEL with SHANNON LEAHY Discussing NATASHA MILLER and Overcoming Adversity To Thrive

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Being able to create the perfect ambiance for a wedding or event that leaves a lasting impact is a skill that sometimes gets overlooked. In this episode, Shannon Leahy, this week’s guest co-host and one of the top wedding and event planners in the world according to Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, brings additional insight and wisdom to today’s conversation about Natasha Miller’s interview. Ranging from executing vision, channeling calm energy, and how to get in touch with your subconscious to live a more centered life, this podcast has something for everyone. Join Andy Kushner in this week’s inspiring episode of The Next Level.

Show Highlights:

  • Communicating your vision from the beginning of a project
  • Clearly developing a feeling that has a lasting impact
  • How calm energy can redirect chaos
  • Mastering the art of living a stress-free life
  • Starting your day with centering practices
  • Learning to trust and embrace other individuals skills
  • Getting in touch with your subconscious

Links & Resources:

NATASHA MILLER’S LINKS Website Instagram:  @entireproductions Facebook: @entireproductions GUEST CO-HOST, SHANNON LEAHY’S LINKS Website   Instagram @shannonleahyevents Facebook  @Shannon-Leahy-Events REFERENCES Robert Fountain interview on The Wedding Biz addressing having anxiety as a creative in the events industry. Preston Bailey interview on The Wedding Biz talking about The Morning Pages daily morning routine. SPONSOR LINKS OFD Consulting Kushner Entertainment

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