Episode 393 AJ WILLIAMS: What Success Means in the Wedding and Galas Industry

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Joining Andy in this episode of The Wedding Biz is AJ Williams, founder and executive producer of the Boston-based AJ Events. AJ has been named BizBash’s top event producer of the year and also made the BizBash 500 most influential professionals list. Every year since 2003, she has made the Boston Business Journal’s area’s top meeting and event planning companies list, has made Boston Herald’s top 10 event planners, and so much more! AJ has also worked with a number of celebrities and well known people such as Jennifer Hudson; Earth, Wind, and Fire; Queen Latifah; President Bill Clinton; The Eagles; etc.!

AJ has always loved parties and planning for them. She talks about her gig working for a celebrity chef and how that led to her starting AJ Events, details the usual process between herself and her clients, explains how she deals with nerves and anxiety around her job, and reflects upon the COVID-19 pandemic and how AJ Events got through it and even flourished. She also explains what success means to her and gives advice to wedding planners who might want to dip into galas as well, emphasizing the importance of marketing, strategizing, and fundraising.

Andy really appreciates AJ’s time and hopes that you enjoy listening to his conversation with her. Be sure to visit AJ’s website, Instagram page, and Facebook page! Until the next episode of the podcast, please share this interview with at least three good friends and/or colleagues who might also benefit from and/or enjoy it, and leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[1:09] – This episode’s guest is revealed to be AJ Williams of AJ Events.

[2:37] – AJ reveals how she came to be interested in parties.

[3:27] – We learn how AJ came to form her own company.

[5:25] – AJ talks about her time working for a celebrity chef out of Boston.

[7:27] – AJ explains her formula and how it made her successful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[8:50] – AJ walks us through the process that unfolds between her and a client.

[11:39] – Andy and AJ discuss strategy and branding assets.

[13:09] – We discover that event design, floral design, graphic design, and fundraising are all executed in-house at AJ Events.

[15:16] – AJ touches upon and explains hiring outside vendors.

[16:02] – AJ discloses that she does deal with anxiety and fear alongside her job.

[19:20] – We learn what the most challenging aspect of AJ’s job is.

[21:01] – AJ reveals that her drive for success is what helps her balance business with art.

[23:31] – Andy and AJ agree upon the importance of interactiveness.

[24:33] – AJ describes her marketing strategy.

[25:29] – AJ discusses resilience and staying relevant in an industry always changing.

[28:25] – We are treated to tips and advice if we are looking to explore the galas industry.

[29:28] – AJ defines success.

[30:57] – Andy tells us where we can find AJ online.

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