Episode 391 REVISIT: Simon T. Bailey- How To Harness Your Brilliance and Turbo Charge Your Business

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Simon T. Bailey is no stranger to success, even though he’s quite familiar with failure.

At a young age, Simon was turned down for multiple sports teams-but he didn’t let that stop him.

He left his first college after just one year and moved into a low-income neighborhood. His path took him to a high-level role, which he transitioned away from when it became clear his days as an employee there were numbered.

But in every situation, Simon was constantly searching for a way to use what he was truly passionate about– helping others to discover their inner brilliance.

Simon is unafraid to transform himself, to recognize the need to evolve. He understands this means putting yourself out there and potentially failing.

He spends this episode sharing his experiences and dropping life-changing perspectives on how you can help yourself grow, forgive others, and take responsibility for pursuing your dreams and find success.

About Simon T. Bailey:

Simon T. Bailey helps people discover their inner brilliance. A best-selling author, Success Magazine’s 2018 Top 25, and renowned teacher, Simon has shaped the lives of more than 2 million people in 45 different countries. Simon is one of America’s Top 10 Most-Booked Corporate and Association Speakers and recently was inducted into the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame. Whether advising CEOs or speaking at a conference, Simon knows that everyone has the potential to be brilliant. Simon T. Bailey grew up in Buffalo, New York.


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Show Highlights:

  • What Simon was doing at 8 years old that forecasted his successful career today
  • Simon’s experience trying out for sports and the impact failure had on him
  • The surprising and memorable first public speech Simon gave
  • Simon shares his experience moving by himself into a low-income neighborhood at 19
  • The 3 questions Simon asked himself that were the catalyst for him to move into his business
  • How Simon transitioned from a high-level leadership role at Disney to follow his dreams
  • Why it’s important to have a mentor and how they make a difference
  • How you can make a tangible impact in your life starting with 15 minutes each day
  • The benefits of really engaging in therapy, especially for men

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