506 REVISIT CHRISTINA MATTEUCCI – Using Performance and Storytelling Techniques to Engage with Impact

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Tune in to this episode of the podcast as Andy talks with Christina Matteucci, executive director of David Beahm Experiences! Christina has actually been on the podcast before in episodes 188307346, and 214, and she joins Andy in this episode to discuss how everything that we do in business has an element of performance involved and how we can best understand and use performance when dealing with clients and giving presentations.

The main focus of Andy’s and Christina’s conversation is the importance of using storytelling – especially storytelling that employs effective imagery – when engaging in a sales pitch, corresponding with clients, and with public speaking. Storytelling is an interwoven part of what it means to be human because we love to both tell and hear stories. Stories draw us in, and, in fact, Christina even recommends starting a sales pitch with a story even if the story isn’t relevant to what you’re selling or proposing!

Christina talks about what techniques that she has learned as far as storytelling and preparation are concerned, techniques that she learned having been a student of Storytelling School. She stresses the importance of understanding who your client is and that your performance might be different depending on the demographics of your audience. She and Andy also reflect on current times and how the need for meeting virtually via tools such as Zoom has been on the rise. They discuss how to make use of the techniques upon which Christina elaborates when meeting virtually and how meeting virtually differs from meeting in person.

Performing and telling stories is not a skill with which we are all born, nor is it something that we all necessarily enjoy. Some of us are not predisposed to it, but, as Christina assures us, it’s not rocket science! You can seek help and advice and can learn. Christina says more than once that it’s important to prepare rather than plan, and she and Andy also talk about how important that it is to not only prepare practically but to also be well rested and hydrated!

Andy hopes that you will enjoy listening to his chat with Christina Matteucci as much as he enjoyed chatting with her. She offers a wealth of helpful information and tips from which listeners can definitely benefit! If you enjoy the episode, reach out to at least three really good friends who might also enjoy and benefit from it, and also be sure to leave a review!


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Time Stamps

[2:03] – Today’s episode is a revisit of Andy’s May 2021 interview with Christina Matteucci, executive director of David Beahm Experiences.

[2:14] – Andy posits the idea that there is a level of performance involved in business situations, and Christina clarifies that the performance is authentic.

[3:20] – Christina emphasizes how important imagery and storytelling are for her when she prepares a presentation.

[6:27] – Christina recounts a couple of the storytelling techniques that she has learned.

[8:10] – Christina shares that she learned that she should start a sales pitch with a story.

[10:41] – We learn what Christina does to prepare for a sales pitch.

[12:54] – Christina discusses how she also considers choreography when she prepares for a speech, using her TED Talk as an example of when that was important.

[15:12] – It’s very important, as Christina advises, to listen to hear rather than listen to respond.

[16:26] – Christina also emphasizes the importance of making use of your team if you have a team and making use of your team members’ strengths.

[18:14] – Christina and Andy have a conversation about how we should make someone aware if they have a verbal tic.

[21:20] – Andy shifts the conversation toward an example from his own experience of how it took time for him and his team to figure their chemistry out.

[23:33] – Christina enthuses over how fun it is to enter a room before she begins a speech on stage and how she uses music to hype herself up.

[25:08] – Christina offers a concrete example of why the way that you enter a room is so important.

[27:04] – Christina provides some tips on how to engage an audience virtually using tools such as Zoom.

[29:18] – Christina and Andy talk about how with a virtual meeting, it can be difficult to make eye contact because of the positioning of the camera.

[31:40] – Christina recommends talking points over scripts.

[34:32] – Just one sentence, Christina proposes, can drop you into a pitch on Zoom.

[37:16] – Christina shares her favorite performance story from her own past.

[38:57] – We discover what technique works best for Andy.

[41:24] – Andy shares Christina’s online contact information.


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