497 KELLSIE BAIN: Globetrotting Glam: Navigating Makeup Artistry

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Andy is thrilled this week to take listeners on a journey through the inspiring world of makeup artistry with sought-after makeup artist and educator, Kellsie Bain! Join Andy and Kellsie as they dive into Kellsie’s upbringing in Sydney, Australia, where she draws inspiration from the strong, hardworking women in her family. From her corporate beginnings to her transition into the world of makeup artistry, Kellsie shares how her experiences have shaped her signature style and approach to her craft.

Discover the secrets behind Kellsie’s global success as a makeup artist, from leveraging social media platforms like TikTok, to connecting with clients worldwide, to overcoming the challenges of working as a destination makeup artist. Gain insights into her mentoring and coaching programs, designed to empower emerging makeup artists to achieve their goals and build successful businesses.

Be sure to also explore Kellsie’s online store, where she offers a wealth of resources, including masterclasses and templates, to support makeup artists at every stage of their journey. From email templates to price guides, Kellsie provides the tools necessary to elevate professionalism and streamline business operations.

You won’t want to miss this engaging conversation filled with valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring makeup artists and industry professionals alike. If you enjoy this conversation, then Andy would really appreciate it if you were to share the episode with a few good friends who might also enjoy it, and be sure to also leave a top review wherever you listen to the show, as that really helps the show out! Lastly, don’t forget to follow The Wedding Biz on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode when it drops!


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Time Stamps

[0:02] – Andy shares that he finds solace and inspiration in his rejuvenating walks amid hectic schedules.

[1:07] – Today’s guest is makeup artist Kellsie Bain!

[2:19] – Kellsie explains how her upbringing and corporate experience shaped her journey into makeup artistry and entrepreneurship.

[4:24] – Kellsie’s business-focused approach and signature style have driven her success in makeup artistry.

[5:23] – Establishing a personal connection with clients informs Kellsie’s tailored approach to bridal makeup.

[7:16] – Hear how Kellsie used TikTok to leverage her passion for makeup and travel to become a sought-after destination artist.

[10:16] – To attract destination clients, Kellsie advises, elevate your brand and maintain connections to combat loneliness while traveling.

[13:22] – Consistently showcasing her presence on social media fosters trust and connection with Kellsie’s audience.

[15:54] – Kellsie identifies her biggest challenge as having to balance personal challenges while maintaining professionalism in her work.

[18:51] – Kellsie loves working for herself and connecting with fellow makeup artists.

[19:39] – Learn about the mentoring that Kellsie offers.

[20:56] – Kellsie’s online store offers masterclasses and templates, aiding makeup artists in their professional journey.

[22:08] – Andy shares where Kellsie can be found online.




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