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Andy hopes that you will join him for this captivating conversation with two prominent lighting designers, Ray Thompson and Jackson Flagg of Images by Lighting in Los Angeles. Images by Lighting boasts an extensive portfolio, having worked on high-profile events with major film studios, award shows, and renowned musical artists.

Ray, who Andy has had on the show before, is the co-owner who founded the company in 1982, and he discusses the philosophy of the “choreography of emotion” in lighting design, emphasizing the transformative power of lighting to guide guests through an event’s emotional journey. Jackson Flagg, another talented lighting designer at the company, delves into the storytelling aspect of lighting, especially in weddings, where direction and intensity can be used to draw attention and set the tone.

The conversation also covers various aspects of lighting design for different segments of events, from ceremonies and cocktail receptions to dance floors and after-parties. Ray and Jackson provide insights into the importance of timing and ambience during live events, and they also touch on the role of intelligent lighting, the impact of LED technology, and the versatility of fixtures. They also offer us a glimpse into their upcoming project – the grand opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas!

Andy is so glad to have had Ray back on the podcast and to have met Jackson, and you’re sure to enjoy this conversation! If so, then please don’t keep it to yourself! Be sure to share the episode with a few good friends who might also enjoy it, and be sure to also leave a top review wherever you listen to the show, as that really helps the show out! Lastly, don’t forget to follow The Wedding Biz on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode when it drops!


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Time Stamps

[0:37] – Today’s guests are Jackson Flagg and returning guest Ray Thompson of Images by Lighting!

[2:23] – Ray regards each event as a choreographed dance, guiding guests through varying moods with lighting.

[4:09] – Jackson points out that with events, lighting is not just smoke and mirrors; it weaves enchanting narratives.

[6:56] – Jackson says that optimal timing is crucial for events; consider sunset positions for picturesque backdrops, avoiding silhouette scenarios.

[8:14] – Ray adds that transitioning from sunset ceremonies to cocktails requires seamless lighting adjustments, maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere.

[10:12] – Having a technician and programmer on-site ensures quick adaptability for last-minute lighting changes during events.

[13:30] – Jackson advocates for illuminating the dance floor with textured patterns adds depth, as it creates an inviting and dynamic atmosphere.

[15:10] – For a subtle, intimate ambiance during crucial moments like the first dance, Jackson feels that static colors work best.

[18:24] – Jackson adds that starting with the venue or floor layout is crucial; lighting needs elements like tables and stages.

[19:09] – Ray walks us through their usual process with clients.

[21:32] – Jackson points out that Gobos provide versatile patterned projections for weddings or Halloween and that intelligent lighting is cost-efficient with lower power consumption.

[23:36] – Ray adds that smaller venues benefit from battery-powered LED lights with excellent color reproduction and 20-hour longevity.

[24:35] – Jackson, in his personal home space, appreciates the control offered by LED fixtures.

[26:46] – Jackson looks ahead, stating that new lighting trends for events include innovative fixtures like floating orbs and movable mirrors.

[27:45] – Ray is excited about the upcoming opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Vegas after 20 years of construction.

[29:06] – Andy shares where we can find Images by Lighting online.



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