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Thanks for finding Stop and Smell the Roses with Preston Bailey! Lifestyle and event design expert Preston Bailey reveals how his focus on personal growth has been the root of his professional success, answering your questions along the way. Through working with high-profile clients, such as Oprah, Eva Longoria, and Isaac Mizrahi, Preston has built a reputation for making his client’s visions come to life in a way they never imagined. He is one of the most formidably creative minds in the industry–constantly challenging the boundaries of weddings, installations, celebrations, and the event industry as a whole. His insights are invaluable to anyone trying to make his or her way in the industry.

Not only will he share the secrets, tools, and technologies behind his extraordinary ability to transform spaces into theatrical environments; you’ll also discover more about the man behind the magic. Learn the methods of meditation, mindfulness, and self-discovery Preston uses that can help you find the balance you’ve been searching for in your own creative endeavors.

Preston will welcome to the show some of the many notable celebrity clients he has worked with, along with members of the PB team. These conversations will illustrate how they helped Preston bring their clients’ wedding and event dreams from plans on paper to an experience full of life for all the senses. With each episode, he will take you beyond just a deep dive into design and toward a journey to grow yourself right along with your business. Turn your own life’s visions into reality!

Remember to “Take a Moment to Nurture Your Growth”…

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