Stop and Smell the Roses – 5: Taking Care of My Clients, My Morning Routines, and My Friendships Across the Aisle, Presented by FMI Farms

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In his first introduction to his Wise Old Man segment, Preston discusses some of his philosophies behind his approach to taking care of his clients. He shares his extrovert envy, while highlighting the advantage that being an introvert has given him in learning to listen for his clients’ true needs. Often, that has made the difference in his business when handling clients who REALLY know what they want versus those who need help figuring their wants out.

Preston also opens up about how his daily routine has kept him centered in a simpler life. In particular, he explains proactively setting aside time for two things: sequestering the negativity in his life, and making space for trial and error.

Then, he answers the first ever Dear Preston listener question–this time on the topic of navigating politics in your event planning. Listen in…

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Host: Preston Bailey

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